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from 1930 - 1988.

D'Orazio Award

A D'Orazio is awarded for having made a meaningful comment about the site in the Guest Book.

This is an award that everyone should have.

Unhappy with your original comment of years ago? 

Add a new one and request the removal of the original if you wish.

The Guest Book is a most important part of the site in a way Members may be unaware of. When we are in touch with external bodies such as the press, magazines and television producers, the Guest Book is consulted as an independent gauge of what informed wrestling fans think about the site's content, accuracy and quality.

D'Orazio owners are entitled to use the words "Wrestling Heritage D'Orazio Award Holder" in all correspondence, at the foot of their Talk Wrestling forum posts (use Edit profile) and in all Wrestling Heritage related matters.

Congratulations to the present holders of this award:

Alan Bailey

Alan G

Alan Roberts 

Al Cooke

Allan Best

Andrew Scott 

Andy East

Andy Petersen



Banger Walsh

Bernard Hughes 

Big Al Devon Boy 

Blood Boots 2 




Bobby England

Brian James 

Bucktaylor 64

Casey's Girl


Charlene Ryan 

Charlotte Wall 



Chris Hayes

Chris Newman 

Christopher Taberham

ColinC W Hall 

Dale Storm

Dan Benalon 

Danny Regan


Dave 80 

Dave Wall 

David Lovatt 

Dave Sutherland

David Michael Vickers


Dennis Lord 



Dorothy Thomas 



Dwight J. Ingleburgh 

Earl Black

Eddie De Wilde

Eddie Nelson 

Eddie Riley 

Eddie Rose 

Eddie Simms 



Emma Van Duyts

Felix Atagong 


Forearm Smash

Frank Carman

Frank Thomas

Gareth Retcliffe

Gary Howchen

Glenys Fryer (Belshaw) 


Geoff Marsland

Gordon Pryor 

Graham Bawden 

Grappler 26 


Harry Kendall



Ian Dowland 

Ian A Hunt 

Ian Pickett

Islington Hercules 


James Davey 

Jill Hughes 

Jill Woodward 




John Carlo 

John Griffin

John Harding 

John Hutchinson

John R

Johnny Kincaid 

Johnny Silver

Jon Ritchie 

Jon Waters 

Jordan Woods

Judo Al Hollamby 

Julie Thrasher 


Justin Richards

Keith Gray

Keith Myatt 

Ken Sowden 

Kendo Nagasaki's No. 1 Fan 

Leslie Hagyard 


Lindy Lou

Little Toby

Marcus 63

Marion Hill Hunt

Mark Dalgleish



Martin Pickles

Martin Randal 

Martin R Gillott

Masked Tex

Matt Farmer 



Meru Ullah


Mikey 370


Mick Fage 


Mystery Man

Neil Sands 

Nick Aylott 



Old David 

Oz Geeza

Palais Fan 

Papa Ernie 


Paul Earth 

Peter Kaszefko 

Peter Kershaw 

Peter M 


Philip Kenyon

Ralph Cutler



Ray Hulm 

Ray Millar 

Ray Neal 

Ray Plunkett


Rik Judo Sands


Rollerball Ricci

Ron Historyo

Ron Marino

Sandra ikin 



Simon Nelson 

Staal du Plessis 

Stephen St John

Steve Angel

Steve Casey

Steve Serene 

Stuart Wells 

Terry Christie 

Terry Danson 

Tex Evans 

Theatre Royal, Norwich 

The 1978 Kid 


Tom Irvine 

Tommy Stevenson 

Tom H

Tom P 

Tom Thumb (Neil Evans) 

Tony Baker

Tony Bates 

Tony Cuomo

Tony Scarlo 

Tony & Roy St Clair 

T Pym 

Wendy Lewis

William Bryden

William Richmond 

WMBFan Steve



Revised 30th March, 2017

Gordienko Award

A Gordienko is awarded for opening a Heritage Gallery of minimum five images.

Opening a new gallery is surprisingly easy. Give it a go!

Gordienkos are entitled to use the words "Wrestling Heritage Gordienko Award Holder" in all correspondence, at the foot of their Talk Wrestling forum posts (use Edit profile) and in all Wrestling Heritage related matters.

Congratulations to the present holders of this award:

Ron Historyo 147

Terry Hunt 65

Ken Sowden 22

Eddie Riley  6

Tony Bates 5

Jop Fourie 4

Wendy Mellor 2

Andy 200066 2

Paul Newby 2

Adrian Street 1

Al Marshall 1

Al Tarzo 1

Andy20066 1

Dennis Lord 1

Eddie Rose 1

Jo Wood 1

Kenny 1

Martin 1

Papa Ernie 1

SaxonWolf 1

Tony 1

Yvonne Rideout 1

Revised 30th March, 2017

Walton Award

A Walton is awarded for preparing a piece of work or an autograph collection which is featured on the Wrestling Heritage site. 

Waltons are entitled to use the words "Wrestling Heritage Walton Award Holder" in all correspondence, at the foot of their Talk Wrestling forum posts (use Edit profile) and in all Wrestling Heritage related matters.

Congratulations to the present holders of this award:


Ron Historyo - 72

Ron Historyo Travels (32) -   

  Aberdeen, Altrincham, Belfast, Bolton (2), Chelmsford (2), Clyde, Cornish, Derby, Doncaster, Dundee (2), Exeter, Hartlepool (2) , Hastings, Hull, Ireland, Isle of Man (4), Isle of Wight, Middlesbrough, Morecambe,  New Brighton (3), Plymouth, Portsmouth, Rotherham 

Ambassadors of Wrestling (3) -

Tony Charles, Doug Clark, Mitchell Gill

Pioneers (3) 

Johanfesson , The Pojello Mystery, Carl Van Wurden

On The Trail (16) - 

Mick McManus, Carver Doone, Jack Sherry, Bert Royal, Tommy Nilam, Ben Sherman, Karl Reginsky, Sam Burmister, Padvo Peltonin, Cab Cashford, Hec Trudeau, Billy Bartush, Bengal Engblom, jan Gotch, Jules Kiki, Mysteries

Personality Parade (1) - The Belfast Bulldog

Manchester Investigations (7)

Stampede Days (7)  - 

Danny Lynch, Nagasaki's Stampede, Nagasaki's Stampede Bouts, Portz's Stampede, Robinson's Stampede, Robinson's Stampede Bouts, Thornton's Stampede

Masked Men of History - Unmasked in Hanley

Venues - Majestic Grappling

Fans Tastic - Ron's Historic Early Days

Chris Newman -  24

The Doctor Will See You Now

Memories Are Made of This (2)

Ode To The Wrestling (3)

Blaydon Races

A Hard Days Night

Send In The Clowns

We Three Wrestlers

While Punters Watched

Pure Dynamite

They Called Him The Count

The Wrestling

You Grunt I'll Groan

The Light that will never dim

It was a very good year

Fifty Years Since Kendo 

Mary's Wrestling Boy Child 

Away In A Wrestling Manger 

The First Wrestling Noel

Limericks (2)

Reunion Report 2016

Eddie Rose - 17

Venues Great and Small

All Our Yesterdays (5 parts)

Jack Lang in A-Z

Micky Coen in A-Z

Monty Britton in A-Z

Old Time Class

Bill Blake in A-Z

Wally Delmar in A-Z

Johnny Clancy in A-Z

Hillbilly Bert in A-Z

George Bullock in A-Z

Gustav LeBrun in A-Z

Alec Burton in A-Z

Dave Sutherland -  15

Autograph Collection

The Unmasking of the Zebra Kid

The Lincolnshire Wrestler

Dave Sutherland's First Time

Ice Cream, Hot Dogs, Leg Locks and Toe Holds (11)

David Mantell - 9

A Year of Wrestling 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985

Mikey 370 - 7

Ode To Kendo Nagasaki

Daddy Wonderland

I'm Dreaming of a Wrestling Christmas

God Bless Ye Merry Gentlemen 

Kendo The Red Eyed Wrestler

All Shook Up 

Good King Kendo

Andy -  6

Big Daddy

I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day

Merry Christmas Everybody

My Way in Poets Corner 

Driving Home From Wrestling 

Nagasaki's Coming To Town


Bernard Hughes - 8


The Cleverest Wrestler

Ode To Kendo Nagasaki (Addendum)

The Mystery of It All

A Quizzical Poem

Twelve Days of Real Wrestling Christmas

Limericks (2)

Ray Plunkett - 9

Ray's Retro Results (6 parts)

The Birmingham Files

The Croydon Files

The Wimbledon Files

Ray Hulm - 5

Early Days

Mat Games Lost Years

Who Is That Masked Man?

The Gloves Come Off

From Shoot To Show 

Allan Best -  4


The Angel

Sam Rabin

The Ashdown Club

Dale Storm - 4

Ian Miller in A-Z

Bruce Welsh in A-Z

Scott Thompson in A-Z

Ode To The Golden Era

James Morton - 4

James Morton's First Time

Limericks (3)

Bob Leonard -  3

Ambassadors of Wrestling (3)

Mike Richards  - 3

Bromsgrove Memories (3 parts) 

Ray Clark - 4

20 Not Out

One Night In Rothwell

Reunion 2015 Report
Reunion 2016 Report

Welsh Davey -3 

Cardiff Memories (3 parts)

Wryton - 3

FILO (3 parts)

John Shelvey - 3

Cowboys, Indians and Others

Ode to George Kidd

Masked Men

Al Marshall - 2

Jack Pye

Doctor Death

Rasit Huseyin - 4

A Year of Wrestling - 1982, 1983

Tom H - 2

Long Time Ago

While Timekeepers watched Their Clocks By Night

 Tony St Clair - 2

Mick McManus

Do You Remember When Jimmy...?

1978 Kid - 1

Friday Night Was Fight NightAlan Green - 1 

Autograph Collection

Al Tarzo - 1

His Memories

Beancounter -  1

Preston Pride

Eddie Riley - 1

Autograph Collection

Bradley Craig - 1

The Stamp Collection 

Grizzled Veteran - 1

Grizzled Veteran's First Time

Hugo Rozenberg - 1 


James R Gill Webster - 1 

Mitchell Gill 

John Lister - 1

BBC and the Wrestling

Kenny - 1

Big Daddy's Wrestling Book

Mike Hallinan - 1

Bert Assirati in the USA

Matthew Stocks - 1

Gladiators in Spandex

Ray Noble - 1 

Blood, Sweat and Speedway

Raymond Ali - 1

I Was A World of Sport Child

Richard Pyke - 1

Saturday Night Was Wrestling Night

Stephen Ashfield - 1

Frank Rimer Interview

Terry Hunt - 1

Autograph Collection

Tim Cook  - 1 

Tim's Olympic Goal

Tommy Heyes - 1 

Tom Riley

Tony Francis - 1

Abe Ginsberg

Yvonne Rideout - 1

Autograph Collection 

Updated 30th March 2017